Monthly Archives: April 2013

“Dithering,” as policy!

30 Apr 13 At our ILEETA Conference in Wheeling, IL two weeks ago, my friend and colleague, Ron Borsch, coined a new term when describing indecisive police responses to critical incidents, particularly those involving hostages and “active murderers,” he referred to it as “tactical loitering.” The issue is this: We all know, from bitter experience, […]

Rifle Set-up

29 Apr 13 At an Urban Rifle Program last weekend in UT, one of my students brought a folding-stock (under-folder) Kalashnikov (7.62×39), with a cheesy red-dot optic, mounted high, just in front of the rear iron sight. The rifle, like most Kalishnikovs, ran fine for the duration, but my student had great difficulty using his […]

Trauma Kits

26 Apr 13 The Boston bombing reminded us all of the importance of carrying with us a competent, personal trauma kit. Several were on hand at the bombing scene, and tourniquets proved to be real life-savers! Without tourniquets being applied quickly, many victims, who are alive today, would have bled-out in short order. Best emergency […]


24 Apr 13 “Silly” is a state of mind. “Stupid” is a way of life. David Butler The Administration, and its ever-obedient propaganda arm (what we call the “media”), panicked when they learned that the two Boston bombing suspects were not the white, Christian, politically-conservative, gainfully employed, gun-owning males they were salivating at the thought […]


23 Apr 13 Self-proclaimed “experts” who presume to be an “expert” on any subject you care to mention! Yesterday, while driving, I listened to an “advice-to-the-screwed-up” radio talk show, hosted by a self-professed expert in personal relations. It was on Sirius Radio. I normally don’t waste time listening to idiots who’ve made a hash of […]


16 Apr 13 The 2013 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) annual Conference started today here in Wheeling, IL, a suburb northwest of Chicago. Attendance is up this year, despite shrinking police budgets. Most are here on their own dime. God bless them all! Lots of wonderful Classes, lecture, participation, and live-fire. Police […]

Defacto results:

11 Apr 13 In NY yesterday the NYSP seized privately-owned guns and the state pistol permit, all legally owned, of a law-abiding state resident. He was not charged with anything. The NYSP, shortly afterward, sheepishly admitted it was all a “mistake!” They had foolishly acted on little more that an unsubstantiated rumor. Now, at great […]

Continuing shortage of ammunition

9 Apr 13 Comments from a friend and Operator: “I know three things for sure: 1) You will never curse yourself for having too much ammunition! We all need to remind ourselves of what our LDS friends have known for years: We need enough food, water, and ammunition on hand to get through difficult times, […]

Modern and Trendy, continued

9 Apr 13 The first of my books, “The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgun Shooting,” was made available on Kindle in March. As of this week, “The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting” is also available, as is Vicki’s and Diane Nicholl’s famous instructional text, “Women Learning to Shoot, a Guide for Law […]

Then and now

4 Apr 13 When asked by a reporter about his reputation for ending lethal encounters with terminal efficiency and blinding speed, “Aren’t you interested in bringing them back alive?” Famous FBI Agent Dolf “Jelly” Bryce (1906-1974) replies, “I’m more interested in bringing me back alive!” Since Bryce’s time, we’ve gone soft. We need to remember […]

Important security axiom

1 Apr 13 Important security axiom, from a friend on the East Coast: “As you know, I run the security detail at our church. And, as you know, it is an extremely large one! Our Senior Pastor, like most, is a gifted speaker and well known, so we have people assigned to him all the […]

Current ammunition issues

1 Apr 13 The following was probably predictable when ammunition started to become an endangered commodity. This from a friend in VA: “We’ve used often to locate sources of calibers we need for training. In general, the site has been extremely useful. It instantly searches the Web, and then locates and displays retail and […]