23 Apr 13

Self-proclaimed “experts” who presume to be an “expert” on any subject you care to mention!

Yesterday, while driving, I listened to an “advice-to-the-screwed-up” radio talk show, hosted by a self-professed expert in personal relations. It was on Sirius Radio.

I normally don’t waste time listening to idiots who’ve made a hash of their lives whining about their lot, but the host in this case mentioned shotguns, so I listened long enough to hear what she had to say.

The particular caller had apparently mentioned a personal security problem, so the host, without hesitation, suggested she get a shotgun. “You don’t even have to aim it,” she assured her naive educatee.

I’m sure our vice-president would have given her the same advice!

“Experts” need to stay within their area of expertise, lest they aggravate instead of assuage, which is what happened as I listened. It scared me to think of how many people are tuned-in to this rubbish.

The blind leading the blind!