26 Apr 13

The Boston bombing reminded us all of the importance of carrying with us a competent, personal trauma kit. Several were on hand at the bombing scene, and tourniquets proved to be real life-savers! Without tourniquets being applied quickly, many victims, who are alive today, would have bled-out in short order.

Best emergency tourniquet available right now is the SoftT, Wide. It is easy to apply, even when bloody! I’ve made sure all family members have a copy!

Other critical items include IBDs (Israeli Battle Dressing), 14ga needle/angiocath (for decompressing a tension pneumothorax), medical scissors, and nasal cannula/airway.

The Asherman Chest Shield is popular for treating penetrating chest wounds, but an even better choice for an occlusive dressing is the Halo Seal. Quick and easy to emplace, and it sticks through blood. It is flat and easy to carry. I keep a copy in the cargo-pocket of my trousers.

Wound-stuffing with hemostatic-impregnated gauze is a controversial practice. On limbs, it is rarely necessary, since elastic tension of the IBD usually adequately compresses the limb itself and prevents internal bleeding. However, it is arguable on places, like the shoulder, where it is difficult to maintain external pressure on the wound. “Combat Gauze” by Quikclot is a small, flat, and handy package.

Get hold of CMK in Houston at custommedkits.com They will put together a trauma kit to your specifications and have it to you in a few days. Use the foregoing as your guide for specifics.

Don’t put this off, nor wait for someone else to issue you some sort of kit. Make sure you have what you need. The life you save may be your own!