1 Apr 13

The following was probably predictable when ammunition started to become an endangered commodity.

This from a friend in VA:

“We’ve used


often to locate sources of calibers we need for training. In general, the site has been extremely useful. It instantly searches the Web, and then locates and displays retail and wholesale sources of ammunition, listing amounts available, prices, and a link to the appropriate Page. All information is real-time.

Using Gunbot, we’re purchased over 10k rounds for our security team, 223, 40S&W, 9mm, and 45ACP. All was shipped and delivered within ten days. Most has been satisfactory.

That’s the good news!

The bad news is that we recently received 2k rounds of 45ACP from an on-line vendor, Korean-made on PMC brass, that short-cycled all guns we tried it in. Other brands of 45ACP ran fine in the same guns. The stuff is just too wimpy to be functional.

We’re currently in the process of trying to return it, at which we may be successful, and we may not!

As it is, we paid good money for somewhere in excess of one-hundred pounds of scrap metal!”

Lesson: Most domestic ammunition producers, like Federal, Cor-Bon, WW, Black Hills, et al are dependable, and I probably wouldn’t worry about their quality control in most cases. It’s good stuff, when you can find it!

However, some, probably most, foreign-made ammunition is trash, as evidenced above! Before accepting delivery of major quantities of it, test it in the guns for which it is intended!

In our haste to secure adequate supplies, we sometimes are too trusting, at our peril!