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Pig hunt

31 Jan 12 “If all the troubles of the world were gathered into one big heap, upon observing it, the vast majority of us would discreetly claim only our own… and silently depart!” Kenny Rogers I’ve been pig-hunting here in south FL the past two days. No luck on pigs yet. We can’t seem to […]


30 Jan 12 I’m voting for Steve Schreiner! The NRA can never be allowed to stray from its primary mission, nor can it ever be tricked/maneuvered into compromise. Steve is a strong voice for the defense of our rights and has earned my support. /John


29 Jan 12 “Send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns… Don’t bother. They’re here!” From “Send in the Clowns,” by Stephen Sondheim, from the 1973 musical, “A Little Night Music,” (an adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s film, “Smiles of a Summer Night” Judy Collins’ rendition from 1975 is still the best-known. These comments from […]

SHOT Show Addendum

22 Jan 12 Shot Show Addendum: Attaching optics to rifle rails, and getting them the proper height for co-witnessing BUIS, is sometimes a trick. I prefer quick-release mounts, so that the optic can be instantly removed when it frosts-over, or become unusable for some other reason. With high-quality mounts and rails, the optic can subsequently […]

SHOT Show 2012, Last Day

20 Jan 12 2012 SHOT Show, Last Day. Today, I saw a sample of DKX personal armor. It is a hard chest-plate that stops all rifle rounds, including 30-06. It is stiff and a half-inch thick, but, unlike steel or ceramic armor, it floats! In fact, it can function as a flotation device when worn. […]

SHOT Show 2012, Fourth Day

19 Jan 12 Saw my friends at FirstLight this morning. I regularly carry a copy of their “Tomahawk” tactical flashlight on my belt. They are selling many now to the Army! The red/green light combination, of which the Tomahawk is capable makes blood extremely visible and distinguishable from other fluids, bodily and otherwise, which are […]

SHOT Show 2012, Second Day

17 Jan 12 2012 SHOT Show, Second Day: 2102 Shot Show is well attended this year. Vendors all report good traffic. This third year in a row at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV is going much smoother than the past two. Restrooms are adequate. Food and refreshments are now plentiful, and, while […]

SHOT Show 2012, Range Day

16 Jan 12 Today was “Range Day.” The 2012 SHOT Show officially starts tomorrow morning at the Sands Exposition Center here in Las Vegas, NV. Range Day, graciously hosted by the local Desert Sportsmen’s Club Range, is sponsored by my good friend Mark LaRue of LaRue Tactical, who benevolently, and generously, fed us all too! […]

More on rifle optics

13 Jan 12 More comments on rifle optics, from respected Trainers: “You have essentially reiterated the ‘law of optics:’ (1) magnification, (2) field of view, and (3) eye relief are all inter-connected. Increasing one always reduces the other two. No way to get away from it! I have yet to see any magnifying rifle optic, […]

Rifle Optics

12 Jan 12 A student observes: “A useful, practical aiming system for serious rifles would be a rugged, compact, self-contained, low-mounted electro-optical aiming device that offers: 1) Wide field of view 2) Zero magnification 3) A facility for selectable, modest magnification, while retaining usability when forward mounted. When this device can be deftly shifted from […]


9 Jan 12 “I never joke about old soldiers who go to reunions to talk over the War. To talk of old times, with old friends, is the greatest thing in the world.” Will Rogers, 1930 These poignant comments from a friend and fellow veteran from my generation: “Had a visit with a friend yesterday. […]

This travel advice from a friend in the UK

6 Jan 12 “During 2011, I traveled extensively (mostly by air) throughout the African Continent, as well as in Greece, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, and points in Eastern Europe. Throughout it all, I had my Cold-Steel Sharkie in my carry-on bag. Never a problem! One airport policeman in Germany asked me about it. I […]

Ruffled Feathers?

5 Jan 12 Whenever I advocate, not “non-cooperation,” but “smart cooperation” with police, I succeed in angering some. Like any good instructor, I try to be persuasive and stimulating, but I never expect universal agreement. Many LEOs, like me, are disappointed to see the extent to which our profession has been politicized, particularly in large, […]

Hero in Action!

4 Jan 12 “Saturday (Christmas Eve), a colleague who conducts training similar to mine, found himself confronting a life-threatening situation as he was driving in UT. The car in front of him skidded out of control and wound-up in a river, upside down. Water was thigh-deep, and moving rapidly. The driver of the wrecked vehicle […]

Low Profile?

1 Jan 12 Recently, a tourist from TN was in NYC visiting the 911 Memorial. She, of course, couldn’t help but notice all the “No Weapons Allowed” signs. She was carrying a concealed pistol at the time, being appropriately licensed to do so in her home state of TN. She naively approached a security guard […]