5 Jan 12

Whenever I advocate, not “non-cooperation,” but “smart cooperation” with police, I succeed in angering some. Like any good instructor, I try to be persuasive and stimulating, but I never expect universal agreement.

Many LEOs, like me, are disappointed to see the extent to which our profession has been politicized, particularly in large, metro areas. Some light-mindedly say that you merely have to “know the law.” The problem today with “knowing the law,” particularly with regard to gun laws, is that the law is unknowable! Have you ever actually read every NYC and NY state gun law, or, for that matter, gun laws of every other state, municipality, county in which you may ever find yourself?

You should live so long!

And, after spending the next few decades just reading laws, you’ll be confronted with the unfortunate fact that it’s mostly irrelevant anyway, because “laws” today are selectively enforced by mayors, and even governors, strictly in an effort to keep themselves in power.

For example, federal laws prohibiting illegal immigration are currently ignored by mayors, and US Attorneys alike, because illegal immigrants represent an easily manipulateable constituency whose political support can be leisurely purchased or extorted. Currently, our System is that cynical and that afflicted!

Political motives must thus always be doubted. In fact, a healthy distrust of government is essential in a free society!

So, when a division of government, or an individual, erects “no weapons allowed” signs, are they simultaneously guaranteeing your safety while there? Curious that we see no “… your safety is guaranteed” signs to go with them! And, when you’re murdered while thus disarmed, will “… well, we did the best we could” represent an adequate source of comfort to your family?

Accordingly, the advice I offer is not designed to make anyone’s job “easier,” nor to bring back the “good old days.” My advice is there strictly to benefit my students, and assist them in looking after their own best interests in the current condition of our Civilization.

Conversely, you’ve only to watch TV spots promulgated by the “Ad Council” to get all the advice and encouragement you need for becoming a puerile member of “The Lemming League.” Their numbers distend daily!

The unvarnished Truth, on the other hand, is less palatable, and a good deal less glamorous!

VBCs (Victims, by Choice) understandably don’t want to hear it, and audaciously articulating it unavoidably ruffles feathers now and then, as we see!