19 Jan 12

Saw my friends at FirstLight this morning. I regularly carry a copy of their “Tomahawk” tactical flashlight on my belt. They are selling many now to the Army! The red/green light combination, of which the Tomahawk is capable makes blood extremely visible and distinguishable from other fluids, bodily and otherwise, which are often found on injured soldiers. This feature makes the Tomahawk popular with medics and corpsmen.

Alex Robinson of Robinson Arms showed me his XCR gas-piston rifle in 308. I saw the prototype last year, but the rifle is now in production and will be shipping shortly. I’ll have one of the first copies. It uses Magpul magazines and is short and light. The rifle comes with RA’s new stock. Foldable, adjustable in length and height, and can be deployed and adjusted with only one hand. Vicki tried it and commented that the stock can be adjusted so that her face is high enough to look through the sights with a normal cheek-weld. Not possible for her with many fixed-stock rifles.

My old friend, Ed Taylor, from Advanced Training Systems showed me his ST71 portable, self-resetting, steel rifle target. Similar to LaRue’s RTG1, but reset is faster. At under 1k, and under 75lbs, this will represent a great boon to Urban Rifle training!

I examined the Elcan 1/4 and 1/6 “Specter” illuminated-reticle rifle optics. Both require close eye-relief, but clarity is excellent. These are favorites of many Operators I respect, and Elcan surely enjoys a good reputation. A competitor, the Valada “Pittbull,” made in Eastern Europe, is also very good and nearly half the price of the Elcan. Both the Elcan and the Valada looked good to me!

I was introduced to “Helium whisper” by my friends at Blue Force Gear. Helium Whisper is the name given to BFG’s new line of magazine holders and other fabric tactical gear. The material is thin and unbelievably light! Significantly reduces bulk and weight. I’m going to be testing it in upcoming Classes!

Long-time friend and colleague, Fred Blish, at LaRue showed me the “PredatOBR” 308 tactical rifle. AR-style with the traditional Stoner gas-system, the PredatOBR is short, light, and like the XCR mentioned above, takes readily-available Magpul magazines. LaRue equips this rifle with their own excellent adjustable stock, but it is not foldable. This rifle is designed specifically for fighting, and, as with everything LaRue makes, it is put together well! I’ll have a copy shortly.

I saw today a product that will compete with Taser. Until today, I didn’t know there were any! It is called the Karbon MPID. Looks and runs like a Taser, featuring both drive/stun and probe-mode. Slightly less expensive. I don’t know how well it works, but it is obviously designed to compete directly with Taser.

Old friend, Ernie Emerson, showed me his “Roadhouse” folder. Wonderful utility blade! Ernie’s quality is second to none. I’ll have a copy tomorrow!

Action Target now includes video simulators in its inventory of range equipment. They are now truly a “full-service” training equipment company! I exercised it today, and it features full branching scenarios, as well as a nearly endless library of gallery work-outs.

Last day tomorrow!