22 Jan 12

Shot Show Addendum:

Attaching optics to rifle rails, and getting them the proper height for co-witnessing BUIS, is sometimes a trick.

I prefer quick-release mounts, so that the optic can be instantly removed when it frosts-over, or become unusable for some other reason. With high-quality mounts and rails, the optic can subsequently be re-installed, with no significant change in zero. That represents the ideal set-up.

My preference is the quick-release mount made by LaRue. Like everything LaRue makes, quality is never compromised. However, at the Aimpoint booth I discovered Aimpoint is now making their own version, which is similar.

In addition, I also discovered another manufacturer, GDI (Global Defense Initiatives), headed by an old friend, Marco Gonzalez. Their line of quick-release mounts and risers are similar and impressively well made. Another good source for this vital interface equipment.

A final comment:

Many have responded that I failed to comment on a number of themes and products at this year’s SHOT Show. Most often mentioned is the “Zombie” topic. Yes, there was no end to “Zombie-Killer” ammunition and “Zombie” Targets.

Second is silly products, like an “over-the-top” slide-handle for pump shotguns, enabling users to employ the shotgun “chainsaw-style”

Yes, they were all there, and, while I surely noticed, I refrained from mentioning them, because they are all irrelevant to any practical, serious agenda, and because they are glib, shallow, and, most of all, intelligence-insulting!

I’m confident you’ll read all about it, chapter and verse, on the pages of any number of future issues of gun magazines, but not here!