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20 Dec 98 This is from a friend with the State Police. This shooting took place earlier this month in a State office building. It involved a disgruntled employee: The male suspect (in for a disciplinary hearing) had been holding his right hand inside his coat and over his heart for a period of time […]

Hunting Report

10 Dec 98 I just returned from deer hunting at Thunder Ranch in Texas. My good friends and colleagues, Clint Smith, Heidi, and Bill McLennon, were gracious and accommodating as always. We had a great time together. I found that, when shooting deer with the FDR, 175M is about as far as I would attempt […]

Cold Ranges?

30 Nov 98 This is from a friend in the Midwest. He is describing the recent behavior of a typical “cold-range grass-eater” at a shooting range, trying to make believe he is practicing real defensive shooting skills: “When Goofy stepped up to the line to do a drill (after we all had taken a short […]

Rifle Optics

20 Nov 1998 After completing a Police rifle Course on the West Coast earlier this week, I noted that students who used rifles with scopes exceeding two power consistently hit the wrong target. In one exercise, I placed five steel rifle targets in a row, and each one had to be hit once. But, all […]


13 Nov 98 Muzzle masking! CRAIG, CO–a hunter said he learned an important lesson after he shot (spattered) himself in the face Monday morning when he spotted an elk near a railroad track about 20 miles south of Oak Creek. Jerold Sanchez, 23, rested the barrel of his gun on the track to take a […]

This from California

3 Nov 98 This from California: “One of my local police agencies was partially responsible for Sarariland redesigning their Glock holsters. After the entire agency switched to Glock 21s, they had several discharges while officers were reholstering their pistols. The rangemaster was finally able to duplicate it (with an unloaded pistol). The holsters were made […]

SIG 229 in 357 SIG

3 Nov 98 At a Course on the East Coast last weekend, one of my students was shooting a SIG 229, in 357 SIG caliber. When cases started to stay chambered instead of being ejected normally, we examined the pistol and discovered that the extractor had completely blown out! We were unable to find it […]

COR-BON in Africa

3 Nov 98 From a friend in Africa: “John, another COR-BON success here! A friend and student of mine shot a perpetrator yesterday with a 115 gr COR-BON 9mm. The shot was from the front and went low. The range was about ten feet. The bullet entered in the lower abdomen. Only one shot was […]

Incidents, Philippines and Africa

29 Oct 98 This just in from Africa: “One (of our students) shot an attacker armed with a knife in the upper leg, breaking his femur with a 115gr COR-BON, dropping the guy immediately.” I don’t know if the leg shot was intentional or a trigger jerk. In any event, the fight was stopped quickly. […]


21 Oct 98 This from a friend in the Philippines: “If you haven’t had the chance to see or handle a Vektor SP1, you might want to ask one of your South African friends for information. The police in my country subjected it to a torture test of 25,000 rounds,and it held up well. BTW, […]


20 Oct 98 Info: We recently completed a Defensive Handgun Class in Nevada, and one of our students was a very slightly-built woman, who came to us with virtually no experience but an excellent learning attitude. She brought an S&W 3914. The trigger reach on the S&W turned out to be an impediment to her […]

More on the IALEFI Conference

9 Oct 98, Friday, 3:28PM More on the IALEFI Conference: I conducted a Defensive Shotgun Class for two groups of students on Wednesday. Since the manual safety on most shotguns does not render the gun drop-safe, I don’t normally employ the safety in most of my instruction, preferring instead to leave the hammer down on […]

Preliminary IALEFI convention report

6 Oct 98 Preliminary IALEFI convention report: The IALEFI Convention this year is in West Palm Beach, FL, and Vicki and I are both here right now. Both of us are presenting classes this year. The Conference is well organized, competently administered, and very well attended. Here is what I think has been most interesting: […]


2 Oct 98 From a friend on the West Coast: A… we had a shooting yesterday morning which might finally bring the training issue to the front burner, as it represented a pretty close call in terms of bystander injury. Goofy goes into a bank and announces that he has a bomb. When he subsequently […]

More on .223 in the Philippines

3 Sept 98 Follow up on my last from a friend in the Philippines: Yup, I agree that the 223 is the solution to the problem of armored suspects. This is why cops in my part of the world are issued M16’s in place of shotguns or anything else. They also travel three to a […]


23 Sep 98, Wednesday, 7:58AM Items: We’ve been working with a Midwestern Police department for the past two days, and they have two Mossberg 9100 autoloading shotguns, just added to their inventory. Mossberg calls it the Jungle Gun. The gun is a gas-operated autoloader, with a four-round magazine tube, plastic stock and forend, and an […]


21 Sep 98, Monday, 8:14AM Some comments on the Force-on-Force exercises at the just-completed regional NTI: Out of nine people, I observed six of them used the lateral movement reflexively. It worked very well and looked good too. Two of the people actually saved themselves by shooting and moving simultaneously; the shot(s) fired at the […]

Trigger-cocking Autoloaders

19 Sept 98 Trigger-cocking autoloaders: The one part which seem to be a habitual weak point on trigger-cocking autoloaders is the drawbar. We’ve seen them break on S&W’s and H&K USP’s.

Carry, Transport, and Storage Modes

21 Sep 98, Monday, 3:29PM Mode: We are now teaching modes or conditions in which a defensive firearm can be, depending upon its role and the degree of readiness required. Students find it easy to associate a mode with a particular set of circumstances. Modes can then be changed as circumstances change. The governing principle […]

Military vs Commercial Rifles

19 Sep 98, Saturday, 7:59AM Military vs commercial rifles: As you know, I recommend students bring military rifles to our Rifle Classes. We typically see the AR-15, M1-A, FN/FAL, Garand, Galil, SKS, Kalashnikov, Mini-14, H&K, and AUG to name the most popular. However, we also see lever actions and commercial (non-military) autoloaders and pump-action rifles. […]