10 Dec 98

I just returned from deer hunting at Thunder Ranch in Texas. My good friends and colleagues, Clint Smith, Heidi, and Bill McLennon, were gracious and accommodating as always. We had a great time together.

I found that, when shooting deer with the FDR, 175M is about as far as I would attempt a shot. I got one (broadside) at 160M, but I really had to take it easy on the trigger and secure a stable rest. With a standing human target, the limit would be about 250M. I expected that I would have closer shots. No such luck!

The ballistic tip bullets (308 Win, 150gr Federal) were a little disappointing. They created respectable wounds, but the deer just would not stay down. I switched to WW 180gr Failsafe, and they worked much better.

I hit one deer (neck shot) with my Guide’s rifle, a Weatherby 257. He went down as if someone had jerked the rug from underneath him! You really have to say something for 3000fps+ bullets.

I dispatched one deer with a single round to the head from a S&W 4516, converted to 400 Cor-Bon. The bullet penetrated the skull on both ends, lodging just under the skin on the opposite side. The brains were turned to mush. The deer died instantly. It’s quite an impressive caliber, to say the least!

All in all, it was very therapeutic.

Best Holiday wishes to all.