3 Nov 98

This from California:

“One of my local police agencies was partially responsible for Sarariland
redesigning their Glock holsters. After the entire agency switched to Glock 21s, they had several discharges while officers were reholstering their pistols. The rangemaster was finally able to duplicate it (with an unloaded pistol). The holsters were made with Safarilaminate, which is a stiff synthetic that looks like leather and is molded to the shape of the pistol. The retaining strap (thumb break) is molded in a shape that curves over the rear of the slide. Sometimes when the pistol was inserted back into the holster the retaining strap would go into the trigger guard. When the pistol was pushed further into the holster, the strap would push the trigger to the rear firing the pistol. Safariland quickly changed the holster by making the retaining strap wider than the trigger guard. That solved the problem.”