2 Aug 23
“They didn’t have to know what was coming, but they were always ready!”
Tim Grover, describing “… the unforgiving race to greatness”
Heroes to the Rescue, Once More!
Yesterday afternoon, six Israeli citizens were wounded (two critical) during a terrorist shooting attack at a shopping mall in Ma’aleh Adumim on the West Bank.
The single twenty-year-old Palestinian terrorist used a pistol (type, caliber not reported), had a valid “Entry Permit” (one among 18k), and enjoyed the status of “non-security risk.” He was reportedly employed (at least part-time) locally.
However, this terrorist’s attack had barely begun when he was swiftly gunned-down by an off-watch Border Police Officer who was present, and armed! This police officer was not even technically “working” at the time. Nonetheless, his bold and courageous action doubtless saved many innocent lives.
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, personally congratulated this young officer for his fearless and heroic intervention.
This incident achieved little notice in the Western media, because of course it does not fit their intransigent woke agenda.
Can you imagine any American police officer actually being thanked, much less praised, for stopping a terrorist attack with gunfire?
On the contrary, over here liberal politicians and media pundits would reflexively accuse the officer of “over-reaction,” and then spend the next half-hour lamenting the fact that this poor terrorist “had an unhappy childhood!”
This incident, once more, merits these observations:
1) When it’s least expected, you’re elected!
Individual, personal readiness cannot be overemphasized, whether you’re an LEO or not. Emergencies don’t make appointments, and when the deadly threat suddenly rears its ugly head, there will be scant time to “get ready”
Accordingly, Operators need to go armed, always, and constantly train to precisely react to the ever-present “immediate threat”
2) “Vetting” is a joke, there and here!
“Vetting,” as currently practiced, may occasionally screen-out a few among the blatantly conspicuous, but many committed terrorists/criminals will always get through, as we see.
Who foolishly imagine that “vetting” will magically protect us from terrorists are dangerously naive!
3) No government, nor unit thereof, will ever care about you, personally!
Your personal safety and security are your responsibility, one-hundred percent. Depending on someone else to keep you from harm at the critical moment (or do anything for you for that matter) is an exercise in self-deception.
In fact, it’s probably mental illness!
4) Don’t expect to be thanked!
The weak and sleazy among politicians and media, who envy and hate you, because they can never stand tall enough to be your equal, will without fail point-out where you could have done it better.
They comment from the side-lines, of course!
“Opportunities are never ‘lost’
They go to someone who’s awake, and ready to host them attentively.”
African Proverb