20 Feb 23
Trends: Blushing liberals who have recently become gun-owners.
In our increasingly unstable world, particularly in and near crime-ridden metro areas in this country, retail sales of guns and ammunition continues to accelerate, despite all efforts on the part of woke politicians to “discourage” private possession of guns (for everyone but themselves).
Many professing liberals, who outwardly claim to hate our Second Amendment, are among the very ones who are now blushingly, quietly, hypocritically becoming American gun owners!
The problem is that their utter (and willful) ignorance of guns and our gun culture sets them up for unhappy outcomes.
Specifically, we’re seeing a spike in UDs!
The vast majority of UDs do not involve personal injury. Most are never reported. Thus, most are never reflected in any conventional statistic. However, ones that do involve personal injury have seen significant increases lately.
We see these blushing liberals in Courses, often shortly after they’ve caused a UD in their own home!
Still smugly in denial, they nevertheless begin to admit they’re not nearly as smart as they thought they were.
They do readily admit they’re frightened!
The other conspicuous symptom is being reported by TSA.
New gun-owners, utterly ignorant of our gun culture and rules that apply, are being stopped by TSA as they go through airport security, because they’re naively carrying their brand-new guns in handbags, briefcases, on their person, etc.
Friends at TSA tell me this phenomenon is currently seeing a significant spike.
Most who thus fail TSA screening express naif astonishment, saying they had “no idea” TSA took such things so seriously.
They similarly express astonishment when they subsequently face criminal charges!
After all, they “just forgot,” while simultaneously having “only good intentions”
I expect these trends to continue.
Guns are dangerous. Actually, they’re designed to be!
The untrained, smug, willfully ignorant, and cluelessly naive will continue to witness unhappy experiences when, because of morbid fear, they precipitously invite guns into their lives.
Most of these unhappy experiences are preventable/avoidable, but repentance has to come first!
“Confession of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom”
Educators’ Axiom