22 Feb 23
Riflemen Rule!
Since the beginning of Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine last year, citizens in neighboring Poland have been voluntarily signing-up, in droves, joining the Infantry Branch of Poland’s Territorial Defense Force, their “National Guard”
Modern Polish citizens, teachers, farmers, bankers, industrial workers, are rediscovering their ancient warrior heritage. Poland’s gun culture, asleep for so long, is reborn!
This is an extremely positive development!
Most are armed with new Polish-manufactured MSBS Grot Rifles (for Modulowy System Broni Strzeleckiej). “Grot” translates to “Spearpoint.” Some still have the older Beryl Rifle, essentially a Polish-made Kalashnikov.
I did not see optics on any of the rifles featured in CNN’s news quip that reported this surge in recruitment, but I’m sure they’re coming!
We need to see this trend manifest itself in all of Europe, including the UK!
“There is a sound of thunder afar,
Storm in the South that darkens the day!
Storm of battle and thunder of war!
Well if it do not roll our way.
Storm, Storm, Riflemen form!
Ready, be ready against the storm!
Riflemen, Riflemen, Riflemen form!”
Alfred Lord Tennyson