14 Dec 15

“Prepared” is present tense. “Victim” is past tense. “Justice,” in theory, can be either, but most agree that no justice exists in past tense!


From a friend living in Baltimore:

“A decade ago, Baltimore City PD had one of the best homicide units in the country, with an exceptionally high clearance-rate, nearly seventy percent, well above the national average for big cities. Lots of skillful investigation, lots of arrests and convictions.

No more, not since reckless liberal charlatans have taken-over city politics.

Clearance-rate today is an embarrassing thirty percent, and going down!

Probability of murderers getting arrested and convicted is extremely low in Baltimore. Accordingly, murder is a relatively low-risk activity here. Not surprisingly, Baltimore’s murder rate is today the highest since such statistics have been kept, much higher than it was a decade ago, when the City’s population was a good deal larger!

As is the case with most big cities, people are moving out of Baltimore, not in! And, the people moving out are the good, law-abiding, and productive ones, and they are extremely weary of high taxes, bloody crimes in the street (mostly unsolved), frequent and destructive riots, and nothing but hollow rhetoric, combined with bungling incompetence, from city hall! In short, Baltimore, like most big cities, is losing all the people it can’t afford to lose. What remains continues to rot!

While arrogant liberal politicians make endless excuses, mixed with vacuous promises, everyone knows and understands that their word, and personal integrity, are no better than yesterday’s rotting fish!”

Comment: 2016 will be a good year to stay out of places like Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Newark, Gary, et al. Nothing will get better in these rotting pits any time soon, and most will wax a good deal worse.

Don’t be a statistic. Don’t go to stupid places. Be alert and aware, no matter where you go!

“We no longer live under a Constitution, nor the Rule of Law. We are governed, indeed ruled, by leftist charlatans and poseurs who rush to the head of every mob, ever-eager to ‘lead’ it in any direction its mindless members wish to race.”