15 Sept 23
Defying Bruen!
In NYS, all gun and ammunition retail sales must now go through an NYS background check.
In other states, FBI NICS System Checks are instant and done at no charge, but NY’s Democrat governor insists that all background checks in NY instead go through the NY State Police System, and there is a $9.00 charge for each transaction. $2.50 for each ammunition purchase.
In NYS, you must now pay a fee in order to exercise your Constitutional Rights, and those fees can be arbitrarily doubled, tripled at any time!
In addition, NY’s State Police System (unlike NICS) has a bad habit of regularly crashing and curiously staying off-line for extended periods, during which time you can’t purchase guns, nor ammunition at all
“We apologize for any inconvenience!”
Most onerous of all is NY’s “EXC § 24″
“Suspension or limitation of the sale, dispensing, use, or transportation of alcoholic beverages, firearms (presumptively ammunition too), explosives, and flammable materials and liquids”
NY’s governor can now, with no more than a casual wave of her hand, stop you from buying guns, ammunition, fuel for an indefinite period, and we all know what happens when government suspends our Constitutional rights as citizens “temporarily”
Kind of like a “temporary tax!”
NM’s Democrat governor has already shown us the way “temporary” works!
NY’s governor now has the power, at any moment, to precipitously prevent you from defending yourself from violent criminals, and also prevent you from traveling anywhere, indefinitely!
Of course, none of the foregoing restrictions ever apply to politicians, nor their tax-payer-funded security staffs.
Is any of the foregoing “Constitutional?”
Of course not, but Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) obviously don’t care!
Like all Marxists, they’re interested only in consolidating absolute political power and elaborately protecting themselves. We see Putin currently doing the same thing, and for the same reasons!
Conversely, we citizens are (also obviously) altogether expendable, our personal safety (even our lives) utterly unimportant.
To them, “ordinary” citizens represent little more than replaceable livestock, and are conspicuously treated as such, as we see!
Welcome to modern Marxism, brought to you by the DNC!
“If you took the most ardent Marxist revolutionary, vested him in absolute power, within a year
he would be far worse than the Tsar himself!”
Mikhail Bakunin