13 Sept 23
“Most see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should be seeing; not what is really there”
Zoe Marriott
The notorious PA illegal alien prison-escapee, Danelo Cavalcante, was recaptured today, in PA, apparently without incident.
Having committed at least two murders (one in Brazil and another in the USA), it is indeed fortunate Cavalcante harmed no one else during his two weeks on the run.
Points that struck me about the episode:
1) Cavalcante is a known alien criminal, illegally in the USA. He is an acknowledged felon, wanted for murder in his own country, yet was allowed to live here unmolested, much less deported.
He never should have been here!
Not surprisingly, even mentioning his illegal status has been meticulously avoided by all news networks, save Fox. They dishonestly avoid reporting anything, even facts that are critically important, when they expose the BHO Administration as dishonorable and incompetent.
With our currently wide-open borders, we can look forward to more of this sort of thing from hundred of thousands of unvetted illegals now, by design, distributed throughout our nation.
2) Cavalcante’s sister, also an illegal alien, resides in the same area where Cavalcante was incarcerated.
Curious that “officials” also knew of her illegal status and the fact that she was in the area, but took no action to deport her, nor her brother (before he committed his second murder).
3) Yesterday, a local man was working in his garage when the escapee entered the building through an unlocked door and grabbed a rifle that was leaning against a wall. The homeowner subsequently fired several shots from his pistol at Cavalcante, at close range, but missed his target with every shot!
Merely “owning a gun” does not magically confer competence upon an individual.
Who own guns for “serious purposes” need to expose themselves to competent training, lest they bungle amateurishly when called-upon to act, as we see!
4) Not once, during the entire two-week-long manhunt for this extremely dangerous escaped murderer, did federal, nor state, nor local “authorities” advise PA residents to arm themselves and prepare for deadly interaction with this desperate, armed fugitive.
Not once did “authorities” advise PA citizens to exercise their Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms for their own personal protection, and the protection of their families.
In stark contrast, every single federal, state, and local LEO, and likely every local politician, along with assorted aids and bureaucrats, were all heavily armed, with “weapons of war,” for their own “personal protection”
So, this relevant question remains unaddressed, unanswered, and desperately avoided by politicians and our corrupt media:
When owning and carrying protective small arms (including “weapons of war”) is “highly appropriate,” even obligatory, for government employees and politicians, because their personal safety is “so important,” then why is it not also “highly appropriate” for this dangerous escapee’s potential innocent victims, good citizens, to also be advised to take identical, logical personal security precautions?
Why is the first category of citizens “so important,” while the second is apparently “so expendable?”
We hear only silence in response.
Obviously, we’re “on our own!”
“You’re never ‘perfectly safe.’ No human being on Earth ever is, nor ever was.”
Rick Yancey