26 Dec 13

Upgraded Web Page:

We’ve, once more, upgraded our Web Page, jsfarnam

Quips will now be posted automatically, as they are generated.

2014 Training Schedule is now posted. Of course, it will change, but it is all there for your review. Once again, get hold of me directly when you don’t see what you wanted.

And, we’re now on Facebook!


I’m not sure it is all perfect, but we’re doing our best to be modern and trendy!

My friend, colleague, and Affiliate Instructor, Jeff Tueller, orchestrated all this, and I owe him much! You can contact him at JEFF

2014 will be a busy year, and, as long as I can persuade people to pay me to do what I’m sure I’d be doing even if they paid me not to do it, I plan on continuing to go forward boldly!