29 Dec 13

ARs for Police

The City of Boston’s mayor-elect had declared that BPD officers will not be getting any of the ARs the PD desperately wants. The plan was to equip specially-trained officers with these rifles. The PD wants just 33 ARs for the entire department, so that there will be at least one available, with a qualified Operator, on every patrol shift.

The PD believes, correctly, they are necessary in our current age of domestic terrorism. But, like all liberal Democrats, the mayor-elect doesn’t trust sheepdogs and more than he trusts wolves. And, he contemptuously regards sheepdogs, as well as sheep, expendable, so long as he personally enjoys adequate protection. Lack of preparation will apparently prevent bad things from happening!

This, from leftists who cynically purport to “care!”

“When the bus is going over a cliff, it really doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the front or in the back!”

John Vorhaus