15 Dec 15

Our DTI Operator Series. First group of videos out and available!

As a follow-up to my last:

I’m happy to say that we’re now doing business with an openly gun-friendly credit card processor! This, after being lied to by other processors who purported to want our business, then, when they found out we were in the gun and personal-protection business, weren’t so sure! All funds paid through them have now been refunded, in full, and they are out of our life!

The company we’re with now is with us all the way, and I’ve learned my lesson!

Those difficulties are now behind us, and annual memberships are available again. Those of you who signed up for monthly billing can upgrade to annual billing at any time. Your payment will be prorated, without penalty.

Videos available now include:

“Talking with Your Children About School Shootings

“Personal Security In & Around Vehicles”

“Relevance of the Hunt – Part 1″

My sincere thanks to all of you for making it possible for me share my experience and guidance, and influence the next generation.

Much more to come!