2 July 20 The “Future” of Policing in the USA, as currently being pushed by Bidenistas and other Democrat/Communists: The “Minneapolis PD” is officially morphing into the “Minneapolis Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention,” Call it “DCSVP,” for short! This evolutionary scenario will play-out in nearly every metro area with a communist mayor (which includes nearly all of them). Some “features” of this new department: 1. Size of the Department drastically reduced from current level. Far fewer patrol officers. Detectives essentially done away with. Tactical (SWAT) units eliminated. This catastrophic reduction in police personnel is also already being implemented in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, et al. 1. “Firearms personnel” to represent less than two-percent of sworn officers (no longer called “police”). Patrol officers will now go about their duties unarmed (UK model). 2. No personally-owned firearms nor ammunition used, owned, nor carried! “Special” officers will check-out handguns and ammunition from stations’ armories before shifts, and check them back in at the end of their watch. Even “firearms officers” will not be permitted to bear arms at any time other than when they are on-watch. Routine concealed carry by officers is absolutely eliminated (UK/Canadian model)! Voices currently failing to condemn violent rioters and looters are the same voices planning to take your legally-owned guns in 2021! 3. Long-guns eliminated (carbines, rifles, shotguns, counter-sniper rifles). Pistols only, and even then, only born by “special” officers. 4. Tear-gas, Tasers, bean-bag guns, OC, Bruiser, nearly all less-lethal police equipment eliminated! 5. “Chief” of the DCSVP, in order to be even considered for the job, must have “non law-enforcementexperience in community safety services only, including public health and ‘restorative-justice’” 6. Current LEOs on-duty in Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angles, Seattle, NYC are leaving the department, and the State, in droves! Owing to punitive budget cuts, there will be no new Academy Classes in any of these cities any time soon. Who would apply anyway? Democrat/Communists are deliberately purging departments of the “old guard.” Experienced (read that: “competent”) police officers must go! Results we’re seeing already! Violent crime drastically increasing (hang on to your hat this holiday weekend!). Petty crime drastically increasing. Mob violence drastically increasing, and it will all grow exponentially worse as we approach 2021. They’ll be no let-up! Democrat/Communists will demand that licensed concealed-carry be rescinded, in all states. Private ownership of guns will be prohibited, by law, shortly thereafter. “Police” won’t protect you, and they don’t want you protecting yourself! In addition, Democrat/Communist politicians, along with their liberal snowflake supporters, who really believe that this “first round” of concessions will somehow “satisfy” the leftist Mob are even dumber than their wimpy Republican colleagues (if such a thing can be imagined)! 7. Most sinister of all, a separate agency, the “Political Police,” continuously heavily armed (rifles, shotguns, machineguns) will be quietly created. Members will be recruited from ANTIFA/BLM. BHO tried to similarly create his own “NKVD” in 2014, but was thwarted by Congressional Republicans (backwhen some Republicans, at least, had spines). This will be the “new NKVD,” magically exempt from restrictive firearm bans and controls, owned and operated by Democrat/Communists! Their mission is twofold: A. Provide continuous armed security for Democrat/Communist mayors, governors, city-council members. Citizens don’t get armed protection, but “party members” do! When the NKVD shoots people, it will be kept from the news and never investigated. Just like old times! B. Surveillance of “non-revolutionaries.” Americans who pay their taxes, obey the law, work for a living, don’t riot, enjoy their personal and economic freedom (all soon to be eliminated) are hated member of the “Bourgeois” (French for “Townsman”). It’s gulags for us, and the NKVD will escort us there. The trip will be, as always, one-way! “Once the dream of ‘paradise’ starts to turn into reality, here and there people begin to crop-up who stand in its way. and so rulers of paradise must build a little ‘gulag,’ this side of Eden!” Milan Kundera /John