1 July 20 This weekend will be exciting! From a friend and student: “Yesterday evening, I was northbound on I-25 through the central part of Colorado Springs. As I approached the Bijou exit, there was a police vehicle in the left lane, parked at a 45 degree angle, with his emergency lights on, and with the officer standing out of his vehicle. One hundred meters further ahead, there was another lit-up beat-car, similarly parked. I moved to the far right lane, to avoid what I thought was an accident. Traffic was at a standstill, and rapidly backing-up! Then, I could make-out ahead a single line of people stretching across all three northbound lanes of the highway in what looked like a picket-line. I thought there must have been a bad accident for that many people out of their vehicles. However, it became obvious very quickly that this was a criminal act, where rioters had decided to block the entire interstate for their own purposes. It was a precipitous road-block by unauthorized actors! I was able to exit and make a detour, now very anxious to get out of the area! Many others did not have that option! I saw vehicles turning-around on the highway and then driving back, against the flow of traffic. Others tried to turn-around in the median. Others sat in place helplessly. The important point is this: Police, though nominally present, took no action to open this vital, public highway! Despite what I’m sure were hundreds of 911 calls, police did nothing! State Troopers did nothing! This main artery was blocked to over an hour, until rioters apparently got bored and voluntarily went away. All this time, police did nothing, as hapless motorists attempted any number of extremely dangerous maneuvers in order to extricate themselves. I was certain that there would be a speedy and aggressive police response to clear what was an profoundly dangerous situation. How naive I was! Police did not respond at all. Again, they did nothing! I have, like you, now decided to routinely carry an M4 in my vehicle, as well as my carry-pistols. It is conspicuous that we innocent citizens have been abandoned by politicians, at all levels. They obviously couldn’t care less!” My comment: Be particularly cautious and alert when traveling this weekend! Stay out of metro areas! Go armed! Understand that even in response to your frantic 911 call, help is probably not on the way! Police have obviously been ordered (by leftist politicians) not to interfere with rioters, even when they deliberately create dangerous situations, even when they violently attack innocent citizens. We have entered a new political era, where American citizens are considered “expendable,” and not deserving of protection, at any level. Police have been ordered not to protect, not to serve! You’re on your own! /John