4 July 20 Liberal/elitist/Democrat/Communists, while cynically enjoying their cushy life in the USA, are deliberately not celebrating our nation’s Independence Day in 2020, because to celebrate 244 years that this great nation has blessed all of humankind is, they smugly insist, “racist!” Rather, while dolefully sitting in comfortable surroundings and with Remy-Martin cocktail in hand, they pseudo-sanctimoniously apologize for the United States, and all of Western Civilization! While they (who have never served) enjoy protection provided by our beleaguered police officers and our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors deployed worldwide, they smugly, self-righteously denigrate these same dedicated, weary protectors, finding fault with every method and procedure. Curiously, they also find fault with every one of our courageous Founders, in whose shadow they are not fit to stand! To quote Jack Nicholson: “I’d rather you just said ‘Thank you,’ and left it at that!” Simultaneously, we real Americans (who have served and continue to serve) pause this day to thank God we were born in the USA! And this day we unapologetically celebrate everything this great nation has accomplished and still stands for, because we confidently, productively contribute and are, each one of us, a proud part of this Great Experiment! Craven, ungrateful liberals/socialists need not apply! /John