15 May 19

“When you are not prepared to use force to defend this civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”

Thomas Sowell

Last Saturday, 11 May 19, two innocent, unsuspecting hikers on the VA section of the famous Appalachian Trail were approached and precipitously attacked by a knife-wielding hoodlum.

One male hiker died on the spot from multiple stab wounds. His companion, a woman, ran but the attacker caught up with her, and she was also severely wounded via stab wounds. She was subsequently rescued by other hikers, after her attacker left her for dead, and is expected to survive.

The single suspect has been subsequently arrested, apparently without incident.

This suspect was well-known to authorities, as he has a long criminal history, as most do.

He had repeatedly approached, assaulted, and threatened other hikers for weeks previously, probably much longer. In fact, hikers were alerted via Facebook postings and signs about this unstable and dangerous person who frequented the Trail.

Even so, I wonder how many Appalachian Trail hikers, who had thus been repeatedly warned of the likelihood of encountering this extremely dangerous person, carried concealed pistols that they could access quickly!

Two unfortunate victims mentioned above obviously didn’t!

In subsequent “Advice to Hikers,” entitled:

“After Appalachian Trail attack, here’s what can hikers do to be prepared:”

Not a single one of the “advice” and “tips” enumerated would have made the slightest difference during Saturday’s murderous attack. In fact, the subject of encountering violent criminals while in isolated places is carefully (and dishonestly) avoided!

Why am I not surprised?

There is a veritable legion of unstable/toxic people, out on their own, that any of us could encounter, at any time:

Some are mentally ill and were formally confined to mental hospitals, but mental hospitals are all closed, and their erstwhile residents are now “mainstreamed.”

Some are drug-addicts

Some are “homeless,” unable/unwilling to integrate into “normal society”

Some are illegal aliens, with various agendas and motivation

Some are “violent ideologues,” fully prepared to “punish” all who are not enthusiastic converts to their political/racial agenda, and/or religion

Some are sleazy “no-goods,” seedy opportunists with extensive criminal records

Some are violent felons with current arrest warrants, seeking likely victims

All are extremely dangerous, under the right circumstances, as we see!

Accordingly, “going armed,” particularly when in isolated places, far from any kind of assistance, is just common sense!

But, maybe not so obvious to those who have been convinced that being an unprepared and willing “victim,” by choice, is their civic duty!

Many of the intentionally unprepared thus perish every day, in amazement, all with surprised looks on their faces, and crying, “This is so unfair!”

“This ‘nonviolent’ stuff will get you killed!”

Charles E Cobb Jr