21 May 19

“Every bit of learning is a little death. Every bit of new information challenges a previous conception, forcing it to dissolve into chaos.”

Jordan Peterson

I flew (SWA) from PDX (Portland, OR) to DEN last week, with my usual complement of gear.

In my Eagle Creek roller-duffel, I have my copy of the FS 7.62×51 (POF Revolution, enhanced to my specification by Robar of Phoenix, AZ). My rifle has a co-axial flashlight (Powertac 900 lumen) and Vector 1×8 Strike Eagle Optic.

I have the upper and lower separated, as both fit fairly flat in a hard case (Beretta CX4 case), and the whole thing fits inside my Eagle Creek roller-duffel.

Also in my duffel is an innocuous, soft carry case I can use for low-profile transport after I arrive, put my rifle back together, and am away from the airport.

Fully-charged magazines are within a padded case inside of a separate piece of unpretentious luggage.

TSA requires “hard” cases for firearms transport in checked baggage, but I don’t like flying with gun cases that look like gun cases!

All my airline luggage is “plain vanilla.”

When I fly out of DEN, TSA x-rays the duffel and sends me on my way. Only once in the last twelve flights have they actually looked inside it.

However, at PDX, they don’t have the necessary x-ray apparatus, so they physically examine every bag containing declared guns.

The TSA agent smiled and asked me what kind of rifle it was, and of course, I told him.

After a brief conversation about rifle calibers, I was on my way.

My bag arrived in DEN, as expected, and as it has many times before!

To be sure, not all airports and airlines are as pleasant and pro-customer as are PDX and SWA.

Flying out of any airport in NY or CA is not recommended. American and Delta are not recommended.

United is okay. SWA is the best. I don’t have experience with most of the others.

The important thing is that I have necessary equipment with me, no matter where I go, and no matter how I get

We find a way!