13 May 19

CNN’s Agenda

On 7 May 19 (Tuesday), two active murderers entered a charter school in a Denver suburb and started shooting with pistols stolen from the parents of one of them.

One dead. Eight wounded.

Both suspects were taken into custody, apparently uninjured.

In reporting the incident, CNN reporters piously wring their hands over the fact that a twelve-year-old student, Nate Holley, with the two active murderers standing outside a closet-door behind which he was hiding, had grabbed a baseball bat and vowed to “go down fighting”, when necessary.

CNN does not admire and celebrate the fierce courage and resolve displayed by Holley. They do not put Holley on a pedestal, as a young American lion, nor do they congratulate his steely resolve and amazing strength.

Not a chance!

Instead, they cynically bemoan Holley’s brave decision to arm himself in order to righteously fight for his own life. They denigrate and mock his audacious determination to be something more than a “good little victim.”

To “progressives” at CNN, personal courage is a “sickness.” They insist, when confronting evil, “resistance is futile,” and we should thus all aspire to the status of “helpless victim,” and never want to be anything more.

Nate Holley, and all others thoroughly infused with the dauntless American Spirit, epitomize these progressive leftists’ worst nightmare!

“Are these the people, created in greatness by the work of Jefferson and Franklin?

Are these the bitter farmers, hunters, and craftsmen who came out of the wilderness, furious for liberty and justice?

Is this the new world of Giants?”

Irwin Shaw