5 Aug 20¬†“Jesus reserved his harshest condemnation for hypocrites, especially pious ones!”
Philip Yancey¬†Listening to the evening news today, I see Democrats, and those who unfailingly choose to speak on their behalf (the liberal media), are in continuous, and ever-sanctimonious, denial about the exponentially-worsening lawlessness and anarchy that currently grips virtually every American city where Democrats are in charge.¬†Vanity, not love, is their crime, and their crime is nauseating and unforgivable!¬†Murders, felonious assaults, armed-robberies, home-invasions, sexual assaults, car-jackings, mayhem, vandalism, shootings are all setting records.¬†This is not hyperbole. This is happening now!¬†Violent criminals are ever-bolder, correcting believing they have nothing to fear from police, and little to fear even from armed citizens, since they are correctly confident that liberal prosecutors in Democrat-controlled cities are solidly on their (the criminal’s) side.¬†As panicked citizens predictably buy guns and ammunition, most for the first time, at rates never seen before, even during the BHO Administration, Democrat politicians and their media lackeys blithely insist what we‚Äôre witnessing is ‚Äúnothing out of the ordinary.‚Ä̬†Tell that to beleaguered, frightened citizens of Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Baltimore, LA, SF, Seattle, Portland!¬†I checked with a big retailer this afternoon. No 9mm, 223, 7.62×39, M1 Carbine anywhere in the store. Some 308, but not much. Pistols he had in-stock were in 10mm, 22LR, 45GAP.¬† No M4s.¬† He had one pistol in 40S&W, but no ammunition for it!¬†My advice to Operators is to capriciously remove from your travel plans all of the above-named metro areas- for the foreseeable future!¬†Even then, heads-up, go armed!¬†For first-time gun-owners, get some competent training. Your new gun is a tool, not a rabbit‚Äôs foot!¬†‚ÄúA hypocrite is a politician who cuts-down a redwood tree, then mounts the still-wet stump and makes a pious speech vilifying the logging industry‚Ä̬†Adlai E Stevenson¬†I wonder what Adlai would think of our modern generation of Democrat politicians who fastidiously equip their own bodyguards with the latest in military weaponry, then oh-so self-righteously tell citizens that they shouldn‚Äôt own guns!¬†/John