3 Aug 20 Unintended consequences? Yesterday, the Minneapolis “Police Dept,” apparently with a straight face, emailed residents advising of them that it is their solemn civic duty to be “good victims!” (They’re saying this to ascendants of Vikings!) Residents are advised to never offer any resistance to violent criminals and to give-in to all their demands immediately. Presumably, that extends to their demands to rape, wound, kidnap, and/or murder you and your family!After all, violent criminals have “rights” You have none! It is thus demanded of all citizens to think of themselves as perpetual, helpless “victims,” and never anything more! Actually doing something to protect yourself is, of course, unthinkable! Now, here is what police are actually saying to these liberal fools (translated into plain English): “When you do not support us, we cannot be there for you! It’s just that simple! You (your Communist leaders, whom you do support) have taken away our non-lethal weapons and protective equipment, degraded our numbers, ordered us not to interfere with violent criminals. You not only fire us, but threaten us with criminal charges, as we are even perceived to use ‘excessive force’ when we’re trying to protect you. There is thus no ‘win’ for us when confronting violent criminals. We can only be hurt, fired, sued, and/or viciously prosecuted! Either way, we are despised whenever we try to do the job you pay us to do. So in the interim, please understand that you can call us if you want, but we’re not coming, and in any event won’t be there in time to be relevant. Thus, by yourself, you’ll just have to ‘work it out’ with violent criminals. You’re ‘on your own’ until you decide what you really want! Is it public order, or lawless anarchy? Be careful what you wish for!” Comment: “Communist Utopia” is so attractive to naive liberal snowflakes! I wonder how they’re enjoying it now! /John