10 Aug 20 “You’ve no respect You see it You grab it You’ve got yourself a very bad habit!” From “Trip, stumble, and Fall”, written by John Phillips and sung by his group, The Mamas and the Papas, in 1966 Continuing Chaos: Chicago’s violent (including multiple shootings, hundreds of rounds launched) rioting and looting in a fashionable area last night was yet another manifestation of our current well-organized Marxist revolutionary insurrection. The mayor’s frail, non-credible threats have been greeted with contemptuous laughter. She unconvincingly promises to “get tough” on her own voting base! Not likely! We’re going to witness ever-expanding leftist chaos for at least the balance of the year! When food becomes an issue this fall and winter, grocery stores and warehouses will be attacked by hoards of looters. We will see car-loads of looters hitting residential areas as well. Most will take place at night. These Communists mean business, and they’re not intimidated by sleazy, incompetent politicians whose capabilities are restricted to hollow threats. Interestingly however, like the cowards they are, they scatter like frightened mice when confronted by a determined police response, even determined and indignant citizens! It’s going to get much worse! “What we do now echoes in eternity” Marcus Aurelius /John