30 July 20 TSA “refines” rules for transport of guns in checked baggage on domestic commercial flights: As of this month, TSA is now requiring that all guns within hard or soft checked baggage be contained within aseparate, hard, locked case. The separate hard case containing the guns(s) themselves must be locked, and when locked, not easily pried open. Having pistols inside a zipped, soft gun-rag, all within a hard piece of check baggage, does not suffice! This requirement is easily met! “Travel Armor” is making hard cases specifically designed for commercial air travel. Web Page is at travelarmorcase.com I’ve been flying since last year with my Travel Armor cases. They’re light, so they don’t add much weight. They’re strong, secure, and the locking system is the one TSA likes most! Their current line-up includes single and double-pistol cases, and magazine cases.  They easily fit within my regular, checked baggage, As noted, I fly with Travel Armor cases regularly, as recently as last week! They solve the issue described above. Recommended! /John