30 July 20¬†TSA ‚Äúrefines‚ÄĚ rules for transport of guns in checked baggage on domestic commercial flights:¬†As of this month, TSA is now requiring that all guns within hard or soft checked baggage be contained within aseparate, hard, locked case.¬†The separate hard case containing the guns(s) themselves must be locked, and when locked, not easily pried open.¬†Having pistols inside a zipped, soft gun-rag, all within a hard piece of check baggage, does not suffice!¬†This requirement is easily met!¬†‚ÄúTravel Armor‚ÄĚ is making hard cases specifically designed for commercial air travel.¬†Web Page is at¬†travelarmorcase.com¬†I’ve been flying since last year with my Travel Armor cases.¬†They’re light, so they don’t add much weight.¬†They’re strong, secure, and the locking system is the one TSA likes most!¬†Their current line-up includes single and double-pistol cases, and magazine cases.¬† They easily fit within my regular, checked baggage,¬†As noted, I fly with Travel Armor cases regularly, as recently as last week!¬†They solve the issue described above.¬†Recommended!¬†/John