29 July 20
“Our votes must go together with our guns. After all, any vote we shall have, shall have been the product of the gun. The gun which produces the vote should remain its security officer, its guarantor”
Robert Mugabe
“‘Reparations’ are forms of allocating resources to repair harm of injustice directly to the people that have been harmed. Reparations can take many forms, and can, and should, take the form of direct payment and land-based wealth re-distribution.”
The foregoing is from “Openlands,” a DNC front group. You can read it at https://www.openlands.org/2020/06/18/the-power-of-land-race-equity-and-justice/
They want to “re-allocate” farmland, based on race!
They get that notion directly form the late Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. He enthusiastically instituted this classic Communist “Land Re-allocation Program,” and people there can tell you just how well it worked, at least the starving few left alive!
This is the direction Communists (masquerading as “Democrats”) inexorably take us. “Land re-allocation” is now being discussed openly, as we see, along with innumerable other forms of forced “wealth re-distribution!”
When in power, Communists confiscate honest wealth from people who earned it legitimately, keep the vast majority for themselves, and then sprinkle the pitiable remainder among the perpetually unproductive and dependent, whom they fully intend to keep that way!
The latter can then be recruited to participate in destructive riots, which we’re seeing now. And unlike you, they get to have guns, all they want, without restriction, without interference!
Police are ordered by Democrat politicians not to stand in their way, which makes perfect sense!
Police won’t protect you, and you’re prohibited from protecting yourself, because heinous plans are already in place to confiscate your guns (every one of them), as well as your wealth!
Meanwhile, leftist thugs will remain heavily armed, by design!
So, everyone gets to be a perpetual “victim,” and that is what keeps Communists in charge!
I’m aware that no one studies history any more. Yet, I don’t know how often the foregoing cycle has to happen before at least the few with two brain-cells to rub together finally catch-on!
We’re on our own!