1 Aug 20 “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” Lavrentiy Beria, Head of Stalin’s NKVD, 1938-1953 Beria was architect of the infamous Katyn Massacre in the spring of 1940, which saw in excess of 20k captured Polish Army officers, police, and intelligentsia systematically murdered and quickly buried in mass trenches. In February of 1945, when Beria attended the Yalta Conference within Stalin’s entourage, Stalin aptly introduced him to FDR as “our Himmler.” However, with Stalin’s death in 1953, and subsequent emergence of Khrushchev’s “Administration,” Beria suddenly found himself on the wrong side of the political fence! Beria’s NKVD had made many enemies, among whom was famous Russian General and national hero, Georgy Zhukov, and Beria’s wide-ranging and well-known sexual predation didn’t help his case! Beria and six others were precipitously arrested, “tried,” and executed. Beria’s henchmen were lined-up and shot straightaway after their conviction. In December of 1953, Beria himself, on bended knee, pleaded for the mercy he had denied all his victims. While wallowing and weeping uncontrollably, he was shot in the head. In so doing, Beria performed a credible re-enactment of the execution of his own predecessor, Nikolai Yezhov, who died in similar fashion in 1940. Precious few in high-level Communist Russian politics died of old age! However, Beria’s legacy is alive and well in every place Communists hold sway, even today, especially today! Zimbabwe’s new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who promised to enact “enlightened change” when he assumed power upon the late President Robert Mugabe’s “retirement” in 2017, has turned out to be little more than a new, perhaps slightly-more polished, version of his murderous predecessor. In what is a tragically unending cycle, brutal dictators continue to replace brutal dictators in almost all African nations during the post-colonial era, pretty much the same as they did during the pre-colonial era! To a man, these dictators all mouth fervent support of Communism and receive recurring, substantive financial (sometimes covert military) support from China and Russia. These self-described “comrades” who profess to be “good Communists” enjoy opulent lifestyles (like “good Communists” everywhere) as they engage in violent suppression of dissent, savage oppression of political opposition, and openly practice “ethnic cleansing” of tribes and ethnic and religious minorities who have been, by design, marginalized. Following Beria’s blueprint, these “unfavored groups” are officially labeled “enemies of the people.” One unchanging and invariable theme is the deliberate imposition of labyrinthine, indecipherable, hopelessly absurd gun “licensing” and “permitting-regulations,” the purpose of which is to systematically remove guns from the hands of citizens, the intentional purpose of which is to make it safe for “nationalized” criminal gangs (their version of ANTIFA, BLM), as well as the “secret police” (their version of the NKVD) to murder innocent, disarmed citizens, without concern for being shot themselves. When Communists (“Bidenestas”) take-over here, we can expect Beria’s henchmen to go right to work in the same manner they always have, just as they’re doing right now in Africa, China, Cuba, Venezuela, et al! “You think it’s ‘unfair!’ Well, don’t be so square!” From “That Kind of Girl”, written by John Phillips and and sung by his group, The Mamas and the Papas, in1966 /John