18 June 20 Trends! Gun retailers I see regularly tell me shotguns, particularly pump-guns, are experiencing a renaissance! Remington 870s, Mossberg 500/590s, Stoeger P3000s, and particularly Mossberg‚Äôs ‚ÄúMaverick 88″ go out the door within hours, sometimes minutes, of arrival! Simultaneously, high-grade ‚Äúsporting‚ÄĚ shotguns gather dust. Price-point for many long-gun buyers is 1k. Below that, guns sell! Above that, not so much, and less likely in the case of first-time gun buyers. 12ga buckshot and slugs move out the door fast, as does high-performance 9mm ammunition, and 30-roundM4 magazines! Many retailers report that have none of any of this currently in stock. Glocks, particularly G19s, are essentially unavailable. The few that arrive at retailers are already sold, usuallymonths in advance. Of all serious shotguns, Beretta‚Äôs 1301 (autoloader) tops the list, in my opinion Yet, it is not as popular as pump-guns, mainly because of price. Pump-guns are a good deal less expensive, generally well under 1k! Of course, M4s, RA/XCRs, M1 Carbines, M1As, PTRs, DSA/FALs, Kalashnikovs, are all in extremely short supply also, but copies are generally a good deal more expensive than pump-shotguns, and normal-capacity magazines for these weapons are also in short supply, as noted above! Also as noted, much of this is going into the hands of first-time gun-buyers who are sometimes put-off by modern, high-tech weaponry, but are comfortable with inexpensive ‚Äúplain vanilla‚ÄĚ pump-guns. Most are coming to understand that we are currently in the middle of a Civil War! It‚Äôs not an all-out shooting war, yet, but ecumenical, permanent, lethal chaos is the order of the day in many metro areas. For many ‚Äúpolice protection‚ÄĚ is just a distant (and rapidly fading) memory! In our devolving Republic, that is remarkably still known as ‚ÄúThe USA,‚ÄĚ raucous rants of Demo/Marxist revolutionaries, funded by over-eager corporate collaborator/Communists, and validated by fawning media cheerleaders, represents the firm national policy of vehement ‚ÄúBidenistas!‚ÄĚ Even liberal snowflakes are scared, as we see! ‚ÄúDemocracies change to aristocracies, and these to monarchies. People at last prefer tyranny to chaos!” Will Durant /John