17 June 20 “The mob is the most ruthless of tyrants” Friedrich Nietzsche The Mob Rules! The MVSN (“Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale”) was Benito Mussolini’s “provisional wing.” They were otherwise known as “Blackshirts,” and they terrorized the Italian Peninsula from the 1920s through the end of WWII. They murdered, destroyed property, and otherwise coerced political opponents, but stayed just far enough away from a direct connection that Mussolini could cynically claim “plausible denyability” Hitler’s SA (“Sturmabteilung”) fulfilled the identical function in Nazi Germany. More recently, Sinn Fein’s provisional wing is the IRA The equivalent today, right here in the USA, is the DNC’s ANTIFA (right down to the black shirts), and BLM. They terrorize, murder, and destroy property, at will, and “local officials” do nothing to interfere. No property nor person targeted by ANTIFA or BLM will enjoy even a pretense of protection. When either group demands that local police not intervene between them and their target(s), local Democrat mayors and governors, without question nor hesitation, order police to stay away. When either group demands that local Democrat prosecutors file false and unmeritorious charges against police, Democrats obediently comply, also without question. Like Blackshirts, SA, IRA, et al, ANTIFA and BLM have been given the task of attacking the lives and property of everyone the DNC doesn’t like, everyone who doesn’t vote for them, or even worse, speaks-out in opposition! Democrats, of course, cheer them on. Democrats thrive on chaos, violent crime, squalor, and lawlessness! But, even our elected Republicans are sitting on their hands and letting it happen, not daring to mutter so much as a word of protest! Even DJT, after much self-righteous bluster about restoring order in Seattle, it has become obvious he is going to do nothing! And, those poor citizens caught-up in this ANTIFA terror will continue to have their rights and lives destroyed, with no recourse! This lawless chaos will continue, non-stop, through the end of the year. The DNC will see that it does. Many will be injured. Some will be murdered. Many more will see their lives destroyed. We all will look for justice, but in vain! We’re being sold down the river! “Socialism has no theory of wealth creation. It’s a destructive, envy-driven fantasy about ‘redistributing’ wealth, after someone else does the hard work of creating it” Lawrence W Reed /John