21 June 20 “Rich and strong nations, learned in the arts, have brusquely passed away, to be forgotten, so that no memory of them remains.” H Rider Haggard Atlanta’s (former) police chief precipitously fired both officers involved in the fatal OIS of 13 June 20 (Saturday), within hours of the incident, before any species of inquiry could have possibly taken place. She herself, in turn, resigned two hours later. Real “leadership” there! Involved APD officers have been charged with “murder,” again before any kind of investigation had even begun! Gunfire-laced rioting has been the order of the day in Atlanta ever since. Police cars have been burned. Five surrounding local agencies have refused APD’s request for “mutual aid.” Remaining APD officers, frightened of being next on the local DA’s “hit list,” are calling in “sick,” resigning, or just not showing-up for work. Atlanta’s clueless Democrat mayor is in predictable denial, but desperate 911 calls are now going unanswered in her city. Gunfire is erupting in Atlanta neighborhoods, and people are getting hit with bullets, all with no police response. Police response is not just “late.” It is non-existent! The lesson is clear, from Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, et al: Democrats are solidly on the side of violent criminals! They certainly have zero regard for the law-abiding. I sincerely hope naive liberals who voted for these liberal mayors and governors are enjoying the inevitable result! I’ve cautioned students for some time now, “You’re on you own” Perhaps I failed to emphasize how long you’re going to be “on your own!” “Is there no virtue among us? If there is not, we are without hope! No form of government, existing nor theoretical, will keep us from harm. To think that any government, in any form, will insure liberty and happiness for an dishonorable population represents the height of self-deception.” James Madison, 1788 /John