17 Nov 15

“Too Cool for School?”

Geraldo Rivera on Fox News today, describing BHO’s refusal to listen to governors who don’t want their states flooded with unvetted Islamic “refugees.”

Even the liberal press is now starting to turn on their dimpled-darling liberal icon, BHO, who heretofore could just do no wrong!

It is painful to watch, because liberals base their very being on imagined “moral superiority.” With their noses in the air, disdainfully looking down on the rest of us, they are incapable of personal repentance. In order to repent, they would have to admit they were, and are, wrong, an absolute impossibility! Liberals find fault in everyone else, but never themselves.

BHO has painted himself into a corner. He is in a self-inflicted political tailspin the liberal media has had to embarrassingly pretend it isn’t true and isn’t happening. But, their precious house of cards is falling apart in front of them, and most are unable to rewind their OODA loop.

However, an increasing number are, even within major networks!

ISIS, far from “contained,” will predictably seize the momentum of the moment and stage more well-planned and coordinated attacks, probably immediately. As they do, BHO will become increasingly isolated, and his feeble Administration will founder and crumble. Even the frustrated liberal media won’t be able to generate enough distortion to revive it.

Americans are really frightened this time, and should be! Liberal politicians they foolishly elected are egotistical charlatans with insatiable appetites for adulation and power, reckless, pandering parasites, who care far more about seizure and consolidation of power than they ever did about protecting the nation.

Our nation is adrift! We have been sold down the river. I wish I didn’t have to say it!

We’ve created an unchallenged political orthodoxy (liberalism) within which people have convinced themselves that laws of the universe don’t apply to them, and media lackeys dutifully protect them from logical consequences of their arrogant stupidity.

That “works,” of course, right up to the moment the Visigoths show up!

The Visagoths are here!