22 Jan 15

2015 Shot Show, Third Day:

Today, I saw friends at DSM. They manufacture the quick-deploying “POLICE” sash that is handy for identifying yourself as a police officer in a manner that can be easily seen. New deployment system is even faster than before. I’m now carrying a copy of the new version. Recommended for all LEOs!

A company called “The Activity Group,” makers of trauma kits, have a product called “XGauze.” It is gauze populated with tiny sponges that immediately expand when they get wet. Like “Combat Gauze,” it is designed so that it can be stuffed into wounds, causing internal pressure and thus controlling bleeding. Suitable for places that don’t lend themselves to the use of a tourniquet, like shoulder, buttocks, and abdomen. It uses no chemical hemostatic agent.

My friend, Tom Kulwicki, at Alessi Holsters showed us his wonderful leather “Tuckable” belt holster, designed as a “shirt tucker.” Like everything Tom makes, it is superbly put together. Vicki now has a copy for her G42.

I was advised by several colleagues to look at Leupold’s new “DEVO” combat optic. It combines a zero-magnification red-dot and a magnifying scope. I found it bulky, close eye-relief, pricey, and difficult to use. First impression was not positive.

The rest of my day was consumed with meetings!

As always, the Show is huge, and there are many vendors I haven’t seen yet. Lost count of knife-makers and flashlights, not to mention AR-makers and AR-accessory makers!