21 Jan 15

2015 SHOT Show, Second Day

Raven Concealment has a wonderful kydex holster, designed specifically for the increasingly-popular “appendix” carry. Called the “Eidolon,” it is designed for comfort and low profile. Appendix-carriers will love it!

While on the subject of concealment holsters, Friends at Bladetech showed me their “Total Eclipse” kydex concealment belt holster. It can be mounted on either side, in both IWB and external modes. Very handy!

Premier knife-maker, and my long-time friend, Ernie Emerson, showed me his “Sheepdog” folding knife, designed by our famous colleague, Dave Grossman. Perfect carry blade, and made in the USA. I’m wearing my copy now!

POF (Patriot Ordnance Factory) makes a wonderful line of ARs. Their chambers are slightly scored in the neck area, similar to PTR chambers, but not nearly as aggressive. The point, in both examples, is to assist the case in breaking loose from the chamber prior to extraction, so that cases don’t get stuck, and extractors don’t break. It’s a POF exclusive.

I got my hands on Nighthawk’s wonderful M4 Pistol, a Commander-sized 1911, in 9mm. Pricy, but among the nicest 1911s made today. Great company!

Blue Force Gear has a line of fabric belt-holders for pistol and rifle magazines, call “Ten-Speed.” Very thin and light, these are excellent!

I talked with long-time friend, John Ring, at Ring’s, makers of famous “blue guns” you see everywhere. John tells me they are extremely busy making these training simulators. I got a model of the G42, the last one he had!

I like the “Range in a Box” by Strategic Systems. Pop-up, remote rifle targets that shoot back at you (Airsoft) when not neutralized immediately. Excellent training!

Hard to keep track of all the flashlight companies, but 500 lumens is the unofficial minimum. Many are now over 1k! Surefire’s 1k light is called the P3X

Friends at Kahr tell me they are facing stiff competition among small, concealable, single-column pistols, a market they once had almost all to themselves. Virtually no demand currently for small pistols in 40S&W. And, 380auto is now more popular than 9mm! Kahr’s P380 is still the premier small 380auto pistol. Many are carried concealed every day!

Much more to see, old friends to greet, and new ones with whom to become acquainted!

Tomorrow, the ACLDN Board (of which we’re members) meets. It’s impossible to see everyone, and everything, I want to see!