3 Dec 12

“In these modern times, many are wounded for not having weapons, nor knowledge in their use.”

Achille Marozzo, Sword Master and author of “The New Text on the Art of Arms,” 1536AD

In Marozzo’s Italy, as in America today, a naive majority of citizens didn’t think becoming armed and learning how to “go armed” were things they needed to worry about. They were wrong! Many discovered this the hard way, as Marozzo observed. Indeed, two generations ago, most Americans didn’t see a need to own a car, nor learn how to drive. Some still don’t, but most now agree that, when you don’t drive, you miss out on much of what this civilization has to offer.

Today in America, deliberately and needlessly exposing oneself to violent crime, many are now coming to believe is simultaneously unnecessary and stupid. Of course, it is first requisite for you to righteously reject the fraudulent notion, promoted by leftists, that voluntary victimhood is one’s first patriotic duty as a citizen, that there is somehow great virtue in being a willing murder victim, but that valiantly and successfully defending yourself from attack by violent criminals is “naughty,” indeed it represents “taking the law into your own hands” (Heaven forbid!). Leftists assure you that you have no value as an individual, and must never claim any. Instead, you’re just a minor and insignificant component of a “village,” and, as such, are highly expendable!

Once you get past all that rubbish, stop naively listening to nanny-state bureaucrats and leftist pretenders in the media, and instead face facts, the realization that, “I’m on my own” becomes self-evident to all but the most stridently self-deceptive.

Becoming a successful race-car driver takes, for most, much talent and a lifetime of devotion and practice. However, becoming a reasonably good driver, capable of successfully negotiating most public streets and roads, requires a more modest effort, but it still requires some personal exertion, personal commitment, and exposure to competent instruction.

Likewise, becoming a seasoned Operator/Gunman requires many years of devotion to the Art. Our spiritual antecedent, Marozzo, using the technology of his day, was an splendid example. Becoming a competent, armed citizen today, while still necessitating some personal dedication and effort, is within the reach of all citizens of good character and at least normal intelligence.

It is up to each, after making “the decision,” becoming armed and being in a position to successfully defend himself, his family, his nation, to seek-out competent training. It is far less formalized and regulated than is driver-training, but the principle is the same. You take and claim personal, individual responsibility for everything you do, and everything you fail to do. No excuses. No whining. No blaming others. No changing the subject.

“Going armed” bestows upon the individual a sense of dignity, personal responsibility, and nobility impossible to duplicate any other way. In America, it is a hallowed tradition, a tradition that needs to continue!

“… every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his Country. For that reason, I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.”

John F Kennedy