9 Mar 23
Observations, as our world continues to deteriorate:
When the WTC Towers collapsed, one consistent point I observed was the critical value of practicing E&E
(Escape and Evasion) at the earliest juncture.
Many died in the South Tower, because they heeded orders from NY/NJ Port Authority Police who told them to go back to their offices and “shelter in place,” even as the North Tower was engulfed in flames!
Quickly exiting an area the instant things look dicey works in all sorts of dangerous circumstances. The sooner you act incisively, the more likely you’ll avoid the worst of it.
So, any time you hear, “Shelter in place!” and “We’re in lock-down!” adhering to that advice is likely to be fatal.
It’s time to get out and away, any way you can, no matter what anyone says!
“Pay attention, even to trifles.”