13 Sept 21
“We simply traded one repressive state for another.
The only difference was that this one was our own”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, speaking of the Communist takeover of Vietnam
We will now see a continual series of JRB-manufactured  “crises,” one or two per month, each designed to grant additional powers to the federal government, at the expense of individual freedom.
Right now, Democrats would lose the House and Senate by large margins, assuming fair elections, but fair elections are probably a thing of the past!  This series of crises are specifically designed to promote voter fraud and thus permanently corrupt our election process.
Their aim is to take complete control of our “elections,” or delay them permanently.
Democrat/Communists have made the decision to take over, now. And, just as in every Communist revolution, they need massive chaos, paralyzing violent crime, hyper-inflation, and ecumenical squalor
As planned and by design, all of the above will continue to accelerate
The Republic we save may be our own!
“Communists always killed independent thinkers first.”
AE Samaan