10 Sept 21
“Those capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it”
Lysander Spooner
Illegal Drug Evasion!
“Be prepared to pay the price,” snarls JRB as he yesterday threatens all American Citizens.
He has no threats for the Taliban, but plenty for Americans!
He piously insists that you must allow the government to inject drugs into your body, any time they want. When you refuse, for religious reasons, or whatever reason, you’ll find yourself unemployed, and soon to be a resident of a federal prison!
This dictate can obviously be made to apply to any drug the government finds interesting, as there is apparently no limit to this “newly-discovered” federal power!
Apparently, any time the federal government wants you to take drugs, any drug they name, they are empowered to forcefully implement the dictate on you, with violence, and you have nothing to say about it.
Exempted, of course, are illegal aliens and USPO employees, because Democrats need their votes.
Thus, “Illegal Drug Evasion” becomes a new capitol crime!
Maybe we’ll soon see a fresh branch of the FBI, the “Drug Evasion Police,” who are tasked with hunting-down recalcitrant drug evaders!
This provides federal politicians and bureaucrats with potent motivation to declare one “public-health emergency” after another. They’ll never end!
Will our courts protect us from this tyranny?
Don’t hold your breath!