1 Apr 19

“Two things are ‘infinite:’

the Universe, and human stupidity;

and I’m not sure about the Universe.”

Albert Einstein

Several decades ago, media liberals (an absurd redundancy) fervently lobbied for a federal ban on “Saturday-Night Special” handguns.

SNSs were ambiguously described as “cheap, small, and underpowered,” and those aspects made them “bad,” so bad that no American citizen should ever be allowed to own one!

We were assured this was all so necessary, because SNSs were, “… the preferred weapon of criminals!”

(Next, they’ll be saying, “Fords, the preferred car of drunk drivers!”)

In a recent NYT editorial, the latest generation of these same arrogant liberal clowns have exactly reversed themselves!

It is now expensive, high-quality, powerful handguns that need to be banned, and not only should SNSs suddenly be okay, they must be the only kind of gun American Citizens should be allowed to own!

I sure wish they would make-up their minds!

Apparently, effective, well-designed, well-made guns, in calibers that will effectively stop violent criminals before they can murder and maim, are now unthinkable!

When we’re all limited to 22RF, fewer violent criminals will die, but more of their victims will.

That is obviously what liberals want!

NYT editors grace us with such pearls of wisdom, like:

“The bigger the bullet, the bigger the hole.” (Sure glad they pointed that out!)

“Bigger ammunition tends to fire with more explosive power.” (They never say where one can buy cartridges that contain this mysterious “explosive power!” Sounds really scary!)

“The shift towards more reliable and more high-powered guns has been contributing to the deadliness of gun violence.” Liberals of course, accuse all American gun-owners of being criminals, so to them guns cannot possibly be used in a non-criminal manner.

Accordingly to liberals, any use of any gun is, by definition, “gun violence.” They don’t believe there is any such thing as legitimate self-defense, nor any other licit use for a gun.

Simultaneously, these same less-than-honest liberals, who piously (and so self-righteously) describe themselves as “nonviolent,” are selfishly enjoying real protection provided by our armed military, our armed police, and even their armed neighbors, as they themselves cynically contribute nothing.

This allows them to piously “feel good” about self-identifying as “nonviolent,” while others, better than they, risk their lives daily against the forces of evil.

Neither our military, nor our police, nor most armed Americans rely upon 22RF for legitimate protection from violent criminals!


“Who believe they are ‘nonviolent,’ simply because they benefit to the utmost from the protection of principalities and powers, never have to use force themselves.”

René Girard