27 Mar 19

“Today’s commercial pilots know a lot more about computers, and a lot less about flying, than they did even twenty-five years ago.”

From a retired military and commercial pilot

ISA (“Intelligent Speed ‘Assistance’”)

The UK is supposed to be separating from the EU, but many UK politicians are still doing their best to make this so-called “separation” mostly empty rhetoric!

“ISA,” slated to become mandatory on private cars within the EU, will now apparently be mandatory in the UK also.

Doesn’t sound like “separation” to me!

ISA is basically a “governor” to be fitted onto all private vehicles in the UK by 2022.

Compliance will not be “voluntary!”

The device is designed to limit the speed of cars, according to where they are, as it is equipped with GPS.
Proponents claim it can be manually “overridden” when necessary, but an on-board “black box” will faithfully record the entire felonious incident!

For one, I will never be convinced that taking away from me, a sovereign citizen, my freedom and ability to act responsibly, (always of course “for my own good,”) is designed to promote anything but suffocating power of the “nanny-state.”

To bolster the forgoing point, you’ll never guess what vehicles are to be exempted from compliance with this new regulation!

As with “gun-control” legislation, less-than-honest politicians (in the EU and the UK) have cynically, quietly excused themselves from compliance!

Not surprisingly, vehicles transporting politicians (in the UK and the EU) will never have ISA installed!

It’s good enough for us, but apparently not for them!

Shocking, isn’t it, that politicians themselves are evidently hesitant about personally enjoying all the endlessly-ballyhooed “benefits” of this new, mandatory technology!

Could it be that they don’t trust this dubious kit any more than the rest of us do?

But of course, their lives and safety are “important.”

Ours apparently less so!