5 Apr 19

Buy guns while you still can!

… changes to gun laws and regulations should be determined through legislative process that gives the American public an opportunity to participate,

and not be arbitrarily set by a bank.”

This from a concerned American bank officer, in response to the current not-so-subtle thrust by Democrat politicians to intimidate banks into refusing credit to gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and purchasers.

There is no “logic,” nor respectability, contained within the current spate of arguments for banning the private ownership of guns by Americans. Nor does there need to be, from the socialist’s perspective.

They want all guns banned!

With “emotional reasoning,” they attack from all sides: “assault” weapons, normal-capacity magazines, “Saturday-night specials,” “sniper” rifles, small guns, large guns, this caliber, that caliber, et al.

They are segmenting guns, and gun-owners, into as many sub-categories as possible, and assigning varying degrees of negativity to each section.

And as we see (above), socialists lack the personal integrity to confine their anti-gun exertion to legitimate legislative processes!

They arrogantly demand that only they, and their commissars, have guns.

Of course it doesn’t make sense!

We waste our time trying to make sense of it.

It’s not supposed to “make sense!”

The 1984 Brave-New-World “Surveillance State” is already here in China, Russia, London, and NYC!

People in those places, long-since forcibly disarmed, live in constant foreboding that they will commit even an insignificant violation of an impossibly voluminous, incomprehensible, incoherent body of “law” with regard to every imaginable aspect of human behavior,

but particularly “anti-revolutionary” thoughts, exploits (gun ownership, for example), and associations.

When they do, their name goes on a “List!”

Hyper-paranoid socialists maintain and ever-expand such lists, in a desperate effort to crush every species of dissent, so that they comfortably stay in power, unchallenged, forever!

Look at any socialist/Communist government, or individual politician, you want.

They’re all the same, and have been 1917!