28 Apr 23
Security Disaster:
This traitorous airman was able to leak top-secret information to social media for six months, apparently without detection.
This is a scandal of epic proportions!
Incompetents need to be fired without delay, starting with our Secretary of Defense, then our Secretary of the Air Force, then our Air Force Chief of Staff, and then our General Officer leading the Air National Guard at the Pentagon level.

However, with the current Administration, where real blame never finds its mark and real culprits are never penalized, only peripheral NCOs and some low-ranking commissioned officers will end-up being punished.

Thoroughly woke huffers and puffers at the Pentagon will be protected and apologized for, as always. That’s the only way the JRB Administration ever does business.
For proof, see recent Afghanistan Exit “investigation!”
Zero accountability is a way of life at today’s Pentagon.
It is revealing the way the arrested airman’s anti-social proclivities, his advocacy for random violence, and his affinity for guns have all been curiously and quickly folded into an “anti-gun-ownership omelet” and then conveniently fed to the ever-cooperative, never questioning mainstream media by so-called “investigators”
Yet, the Nashville trans murderer’s manifesto is still being kept secret!
Is there an agenda at work here?
“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”