27 Apr 23
“A Girl and a Gun”
Vicki and I are at the 2023 AGAG Convention in Grand Junction, CO. Both of us are presenting classes here over the next three days, along with fifty-seven other Instructors.
It is a huge event, and amazingly well-organized. Six-hundred women in attendance.  AGAG is a real asset for female gun-owners!
As last year, the Convention is held at the expansive Cameo Range Complex in Palisade, CO
Among vendors today, I got a chance to shoot Mossberg’s 590S Tactical Shotgun (pump-action) and their 940 Pro Tactical (gas-operated autoloader)
The 590 has been around for a long time and, like the Remington 870, has rendered very satisfactory service.
However, compared with the 870, the 590 has always been “clunky”
This new and updated 590S is now smooth and elegant, and much more appealing to female shooters than before.
The 940 Pro Tactical looks and operates just like the Remington 1187 and, like the 590S, comes with a seven-round tube.
Both shotguns, when equipped with an RDO, are fast and lethal!
I like them!
H&K’s VP9SK (compact) pistol is only slightly bigger than Springfield’s Hellcat and was well received.
Nice size for concealed carry!
Speaking of which, Staccato’s “CS” (compact) went-over very well also. Staccato’s guns are all 1911-style, and all in 9mm. They enjoy an excellent reputation, but are “pricey!”
In fact, possession of a Staccato pistol has become a bit of a “status symbol!”
Lots of classes tomorrow, including mine!