26 Sept 14

“It is madness for sheep to talk ‘peace’ with a wolf.”

Thomas Fuller

I hate being prophetic!

Today, a black, Islamic jehadist brutally murdered a white, Christian woman, then cut her head off. He was stopped only when shot by a man at the workplace where it occurred, as a second woman was being attacked. The armed man is a hero! It all happened in a suburb of OKC.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, et al, including BHO himself, are all strangely silent.

Can you imagine the raucous, self-righteous, pseudo-sanctimonious chest-beating and foaming-at-the-mouth that would be emanating from that sector right now if a white, Christian woman had murdered a black Moslem?

Christian women are apparently expendable, on the lower rung of the liberal/leftist caste system!

It strikes me that beheading is the new expression of Islamic power, the new method of intimidation. We’ll see more of it. Jehadists are already here, no doubt! Embarrassed leftists will vainly try to cover it all up and call it “workplace violence,” as they did at Ft Hood (twice!), but we all the truth.

The naive “unarmed-by-choice” had better take notice. When the Test comes, you’ll be on your own, as we see!

British newspapers are reporting that even the UK is belatedly buying new G17s, one for every one of their soldiers in Afghanistan. It seems they have decided they need to protect themselves from their Afgan “allies.”

When even the Brits are arming-up, it’s time to pay attention, eh?