28 Mar 22
2022 Tac-Con, Dallas, TX
Vicki and I just finished attending the three-day Tactical Conference for 2022, at the Dallas Pistol Club last Friday-Sunday.
My friends and colleagues, Tom and Lynn Givens, host this event every year for the benefit of the advancement of our Art and of all aspiring Operators.
It is my honor to be invited to do a presentation and to thus have some influence on the next generation of Operators/Instructors. This year, I lectured about Instructor skills and development.
Three hundred Operators signed-up to attend, an the event sold-out within two weeks of announcement, shortly after last year’s event!
This is an opportunity to learn from any number of preeminent instructors, all in one place, and at one time.
There is nothing else like it!
Defensive pistol and shotgun were addressed in a number of classes, but other subjects included gun and gunfighting history, shooting events, law of self-defense, knife-fighting, ground-fighting, emergency medicine, concealed carry, backup guns, optics, on-line teaching, et al
There are both lecture and live-fire classes.
Mas Ayoob was there with his wonderful presentation on recent court cases. Andrew Branca delivered his amazing “Law of Self-Defense” presentation, along with Tom Givens, Steve Moses, John Holschen, John Hearn, John Murphy, Karl Rehn, Jeff Gonzales, Wayne Dobbs, Greg Ellifritz, Hany Mahmoud, Cecil Burch, Tiffany Johnson, and a host of others, including some bright young instructors who are rapidly gaining a reputation, like Tim Kelly and John Daub.
I recommend this event to all my students and instructors.
Not to be missed!