24 Mar 22
“God and soldiers we adore
In times of peril, not before!”
Francis Quarles
Signs of the Times:
1) Retail gunshops in Poland are currently being mobbed!
“Russians are coming,” is a frantic cry currently striking morbid fear into the hearts of millions, as it has repeatedly for the last thousand years!
9mm pistols and 5.56×45 rifles are most in demand, ammunition too!
No surprise!
Euroweenies, who have so pseudo-sanctimoniously turned-up their noses at the private ownership of guns since the end of WWII, have suddenly changed their collective minds and are now pressuring governments to loosen gun-control laws, because in view of current events, everyone (throughout the Continent) is now extremely anxious about a precarious future and wants to own several.
Imagine that!
2) In the USA, suddenly non-prescription potassium iodine is flying off drugstore shelves!
Fallout from nuclear weapons contains radioactive iodine. Human thyroid glands will readily absorb it and subsequently become cancerous. Potassium iodine taken beforehand prevents radioactive iodine absorption by the thyroid,
… or so goes the theory.
3) This week, an AZ man (“on probation,” of course) used an “assault screwdriver” to stab a woman multiple times.
Expect mandatory warning labels shortly on all screwdrivers, probably “waiting periods” also!
Don’t expect any of these “on probation” types to ever be held accountable, nor be put in prison for any length
of time.
They’re all out there, on the loose, as we see!
4) Yesterday, four unsuspecting Israeli citizens were precipitously stabbed to death by a knife-wielding Islamic radical. A common story in Israel! The murderer, before he could harm anyone else, was shot to death by an alert, courageous, and armed bus driver.
As has always been the case, armed citizens represent the only real protection of the innocent!
Liberal politicians have squandered our birthright and sold us down the river.
That’s why we go armed!
“Woe betide leaders, now perched on their dizzy pinnacles of triumph, when they cast-away at a conference table what soldiers had won on a hundred blood-soaked battlefields.”
Winston Churchill